origins of my story

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I am lucky enough to live by the sea and just down the road from me is Adventure Island. A theme park filled with roller coasters, water slides and dozens of other vomit inducing rides. The idea of Adventure Island being the setting for a zombie story had been around for a number of years. I often meet up for a beer with a good friend of mine who is a film maker, the topic of discussion would soon end up on making a zombie film. The classic scenario of a bunch of teenagers trapped and in danger seemed to work perfectly in Adventure Island. We would sit for hours coming up with scenes involving the different rides picking off the teenagers one by one. Around the same time I started reading the walking dead comics, quickly becoming hooked reading the first five volumes in two days. Inspired by  the comic I decided to attempt to write my own and so began project Zombie Reich. At the end of the second world war Nazi Germany  had one last trick up its sleeve to send a small team of engineered soldiers to London to destroy the government. Unfortunately the plan failed and the plane carrying the squad crash landed into the mud flats off the coast of Southend on sea. Seventy years later a fisherman digging for bait on the mud flats unearthed a crashed Nazi plane and unleashed the zombie Reich, the first place they saw was Adventure island. With an artist friend we story boarded the first issue but having families and full time jobs it soon became clear that it would take to much time to produce an issue. Earlier this year I had my first short story published which inspired me to signed up to a writing course. With having to have a piece of homework completed every two weeks it helped me structure my time better. When I finished the course I began to think about a project to start. I was reading lots of zombie novels at the time and decided to have a go at a full novel rather than a short story in the hope of getting it published in an anthology. Looking back at my notes on previous projects I began to tie stories together. The film shots I did with my son, the idea’s for films set in adventure island with teenagers reminded me of Lord of the flies. I’d never read the book so I got hold of a copy and read it through at least twice. The slow decent into chaos and without structure, order and rules the children relied more and more on their basic animal survival instincts. imagine that scenario but with zombies, instead of the island being surrounded by water Adventure island has the sea on one side and zombies on the other.

As I’ve only ever written short stories the prospect of writing a whole book was some what daunting. I’ve read numerous blogs on writing and one piece of advice was just take it a chapter at a time. So i write each chapter as if it were a short story in its self. Also reading other peoples work whilst working on my own is useful. How they structure their story, how they build their characters etc can help me tackle a certain problem in my own story. At the beginning it was difficult, I found myself being so engrossed in someone else’s story I spent the evenings reading instead of writing. these days i restrict myself to reading on the train home from work and after the kids are in bed sitting down to write.

I start off by reading through my notes getting my head back to where I left off, sometimes it takes two or three reads before the idea’s start to appear. If noting happens or I just can’t get into the mood I leave it and go off and do something else, Angry birds is a good way to distract myself.

I have listed below some of the books I’ve read recently, I hope you find them as good as i did.

When there’s no more room in hell by Luke Duffy

The gathering dead by Stephen Knight

Breathers by S.G Browne

Even if your not into the Walking dead comics

The Walking dead Rise of the governor and the sequel The Walking dead The road to Woodbury are zompoc classics

Enjoy reading


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