The Road To Woodbury

Posted: November 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

The road to Woodbury is the second book following the journey of an ordinary man and his transformation into an evil dictator. The book is split into two parts, the first part follows a small group of survivors on their journey to Woodbury and to be honest it came across as just another zombie survival story. Don’t get me wrong it is a fairly well written story but if I didn’t know that the governor would be appearing at some point I would have been tempted to stop reading. Luckily part two came just in time and didn’t disappoint.


In the second part the Governor has just taken over the running of woodbury and our small band of survivors struggle to get used to his style of leadership. We also get to see the side of him no one else see’s, the torment his journey has inflicted on him and how it affects him is shown in the touching scenes with the Penny zombie. I have to admit I kind of feel sorry for the guy now and in a strange way admire him for keeping going. The first book The rise of the governor would stand alone as a great zombie story even without The Walking Dead connection but I feel that the second books saving grace is the connection with the walking dead. Having said all that The Road to woodbury is a must for all Walking Dead fans and zombie fans alike (as long as you read The Rise of the Governor first)


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