Hoping for an Apocolypse

Posted: December 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

When I mention to people that I like to read (among other books) stories of the world being taken over by zombies, I’m even in the process of writing one, I tend to get a similar reaction. A lot of people don’t understand how I can enjoy a genre that is just full of gruesome violence, gore and people turning into monsters in order to survive or how i can think up such horror


Well to be honest I don’t really need to make it up, it goes on all around us all the time. take away the zombies and some of the stories I read could be based on fact. Yes there are images of people being eaten, the dead being brutally smashed up, humans torturing and killing each other to survive but Minus the zombies, I see this going on in the world daily.


The truth is we are already in an apocalypse, a slow evolving apocalypse of our own making, instead of mindless zombies hungry for brains its selfish greedy humans hungry for power and wealth. The planet is running out of resources, large areas of forest are being turned into wastelands in order to feed the massively growing population, the earth is not big enough to sustain its population of humans. Not in my lifetime but in the near future people, countries, will become more extreme in the way they secure enough resources to sustain their populations.

In one of the many stories I have read the onset of the apocalypse is usually fairly swift. within days society has broken down, the intensity of fear of a sudden outbreak starts to subside over time as people get used to living in the new world, they become detached at having to kill the dead to keep safe, realizing they are not like them anymore. But the apocalypse we are living in now is slowly getting worse, the fear is building slowly, more and more people are concerned about global warming more and more people are starving, more and more wars are being fought. The fear is different, in this apocalypse its chipping away slowly at society breaking it down piece by piece. So for the people that think a zombie apocalypse is a dark and scary world to live in, just remember at least with the zombies we’d have a chance of survival, against ourselves we have none.


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