Too many zombies?

Posted: January 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

After getting a short story published last year I decided to take the plunge and write a full on novel. I sat having a beer one night with a good friend who is a film maker discussing the zombie genre and the idea’s I had for my book. As the beer flowed we starting talking about making a zombie film, but in the cold light of day a few days later he said to me there is no point, the zombie genre is saturated with too much stuff and that we would never get a look in.


I sat and contemplated what my friend said and started to have doubts about writing my book. Its true that with the popularity of the walking dead zombies are in the limelight at the moment and there are lots of books and movies being made so how would  get a look in. I put my book on the back burner for a while, not sure whether it would be worth the effort spending my time reading other peoples books instead.


I started thinking, my story would stand up against a lot of these books and is it such a bad thing that the genre is so popular at the moment. Competition is a good thing, it gives people a wider choice and more choice gives readers more to compare with. It also keeps the writers on their toes, with so much competition writers have to raise their game if they want to ensure people read their books. but with the popularity of the genre, more people will want to jump on the bandwagon and try and cash in but with the amount of social media word soon gets around about whats good and whats bad. So after all this contemplation i’m back on writing and hopefully will be publishing my first novel in the summer. So do too many zombies spoil the apocalypse? not in my book.

  1. Great post. I faced this same dilemma with whether or not to write a zombie novel. I didn’t want to write it to follow the market and ride the wave of success of TWD and others, but because it’s something I truly love. I have the same problem with non-romantic vampires in a genre that used to be very cool. I’ve decided to write what I like, though the zombie thing still ended up on the back burner for now. I think you should run with it though. Let me know how it goes.

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